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Entitlement Services

Entitlement Services consists of the following functions:

Current Planning: Includes Zoning Ordinance, Adopted Form-Based Code, Subdivision Regulations, and Design Guidelines implementation.  Responsibility includes the review and processing of the following types of applications: Annexation; Subdivisions (Land Splits, Preliminary & Final Plats, etc.) Rezoning; Council Use Permit; Site Plan; Design Review.

Current Planning projects: Eastmark (Mesa Proving Grounds Community Plan), Pacific Proving Grounds North Community Plan

Code Administration. Addresses the need for modifications to ordinances from adopted ordinances.  Responsibility includes the review and processing of the following types of applications: Variance; Special Use Permit; Development Incentive Permit; Substantial Conformance Improvement Permit.

Historic Preservation Office helps manage Mesa's historic resources and established historic districts.  Responsibility includes review and processing of the following types of applications: Certificate of Appropriateness; Demolition Permit; Historic District Overlay; Historic Landmark Overlay; Section 106 Reviews.

Civil Hearing Office holds hearings for civil citations issued by Code Compliance.


Getting Started

Pre-Submittal Applications are the first step in any General Plan Amendment, Subdivision Plat, property rezone, council use permit or site plan review process.

The process starts with the submission of a completed application. The planning staff will review the request with various city departments including fire, solid waste, and transportation and then provide the applicant with preliminary information based on the information given.  Typically a meeting is held with the applicant three weeks after the receipt of the pre-submittal to review the comments received and help the applicant determine what steps would be needed to proceed with the development request.

A Pre-Application meeting is the first step toward modifying the zoning code requirements or for the consideration of some special uses including variances, Special Use Permits, Development Incentive Permits, and Substantial Conformance Improvement Permits.  This process does not require an application or submitting of documents.  Some pre-application meetings may require payment of a fee; check the Schedule of Fees and Charges to see if a fee is required for your meeting.  To schedule a pre-application conference, please call 480-644-4273. 

This meeting is a one on one with a Planner who has evaluated your site and will give you their recommendations going forward with your project.

Administrative reviews do not require a pre-meeting with staff.  Administrative reviews are typically modifications to previously approved site plans, design review cases, or work on property within an established historic district or historic landmark (a certificate of appropriateness) by completing the required application.  If desired, you may contact a planner at (480) 644-4273 to determine if approval is needed.

Process Overviews.  Based on the information you receive when going through the pre-submittal or pre-application process, you are ready to begin the formal review processes.  The following links provide information about each of these processes.

The City of Mesa Planning Division provides staff support to four citizen boards.  The functions and duties of those boards, meeting times and locations, agendas and minutes, are available through these links:


Planning Director Hearing


Planning and Zoning Board (Rezone, Site Plans, Council Use Permits, Subdivisions, Long Range Planning)


Design Review Board (Review Building Exteriors, Architecture, Landscaping, etc.)


Board of Adjustment (Variance, Special Use Permit, DIP, SCIP, Appeals, Interpretations)


Historic Preservation Board (Historic Overlays, Certificate of Appropriateness)


Zoning Administrator Hearing Officer (Requests for variances, special use permits, and interpretations of the City of Mesa Zoning Ordinance and Sign Code)

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