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Contractor planningOur Business Development Group can assist you with: identifying the location of existing gas and electric utilities, will serve letters and direct you to the proper agencies and/or individuals to make sure all your questions and concerns are addressed. 

For assistance contact:

Lori Bonilla, Business Development Coordinator
480-644-2652 or by email.

In order to economically install natural gas, all builders/developers are required to provide a trench or an approved sleeve material when installing gas service lines from the home gas pipelines to the City's gas main located at the property line.  With adequate separation from other utilities, Mesa Gas allows the use of joint trenching for gas service line installations.

To request a natural gas service order, schedule service installations, or to request a natural gas meter to be set, call our builder/developer line at 480-644-5555.

The following requirements must be completed before scheduling services:

   A trench or approved sleeve material extending from within two feet of meter location to within
      two feet of the City's gas line located near the property line.
   The trench/sleeve must be excavated/installed at a minimum depth of two feet as measured
      from finish grade.
   Ensure that the location of customer's piping complies with Mesa Gas requirements shown in
      Mesa details GD-1.3, GD-1.4, GD-1.5 and GD-3.9. Gas Detail Drawings.

Contact our Building Safety Department to start the permitting process at 480-644-4273 or visit their website.

Safe Excavation begins with you...Before starting any digging project, call 811 to have all underground utilities located and marked accordingly.  Your organization can also receive free damage prevention and safety training.  Train employees about Arizona 811 and digging safely when working around water, wastewater, electric, and natural gas.


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